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With a globally recognized email marketing tool at its disposal Leisure Port offers this value added service to its clients that will eventually provide them with increased sales and bottom line performance.

Email marketing is the established method both in terms of reach and low costs in modern advertising media and the best way to promote ones business, product or brand awareness locally or globally. Having identified this,  Leisure Port has made it easier for small scale and even large scale leisure industry based establishments to benefit from this cost effective, faster and efficient mode of advertising.

Clients are offered three packages to select from whereby their E-Flyer will be circulated to the existing list of subscribers of Leisure Port amounting to up to 25,000 subscribers. Additionally our Email Marketing package includes the services of designing of the E Flyers and entitles the client to send up to a maximum of TWO campaigns per calendar month.

As a policy LEISURE PORT circulates its E- Flyers on "Commercial Business Days" and is limited to ONE Campaign Per Day.



Bronze Package 6 Campaigns Rs. 25,000/-
Silver Package 12 Campaigns Rs. 50,000/-
Gold Package 25 Campaigns Rs. 90,000/-

•    E Flyer templates and designs
•    Direct to INBOX  
•    Tracking Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes & Bounces
•    Segment-wise list maintenance